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Important Dates in April

April is a very busy month!!

Every week during Lent we will have the following services:

1) Monday - Great Compline - 6 pm 
2) Wednesday - Presanctified Divine Liturgy - 6 pm
3) Friday - Akathist Service - 6:30 pm 

Other important dates to remember:

Palm Sunday - April 5 - We will have our fish fry fundraiser. If you haven't already purchased a ticket you still can! Thank you!
Holy Week - April 5 - 12 - For a full schedule of services, you can pick up a sheet on the table in the narthex or you can find it on the schedule on this website.
Holy Friday - April 10 - We will have a busy day with the services as well as the decoration of the tomb in the morning. Following the evening service, our teens will have their 2nd All-Night Vigil, reading the psalms at the tomb and other activities preparing for the feast!
Pascha (Easter) - April 11 @ 10:30 pm - We will have our beautiful celebration on Saturday night, April 11 at 10:30 pm with our procession and Divine Liturgy. We will break the fast together following the Liturgy.
Pascha Picnic - April 12 - 12 pm - Following the Agape Vespers service, we will have our annual Pascha picnic; we will have a fun jump for the kids, face painting, an egg hunt and lots of wonderful food. Come and celebrate this joyous day of our Lord's Resurrection!

Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church on TV!!

A new ministry from our community is a weekly television program.  Each Thursday at 8 pm on Acadiana Open Channel (Cox Cable 15 and 16, or LUS Fiber channels 3 and 4) you will find Orthodoxy on TV!  Each 25 minute episode will include an Epistle reading, a Gospel reading, a sermon, and time permitting a saint of the day.  As we continue to build this program, we will include other types of lessons as well.  Check us out on AOC each Thursday at 8 pm! If you miss it on Thursday night, you can catch up on YouTube with this link: Archangel Gabriel on AOC!
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church is a parish in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America in the Diocese of Miami and the Southeast.  Our community is a diverse group of people including people of many ethnic backgrounds, American, Middle Eastern, Greek, Romanian, Egyptian...  With this outstanding community, we strive to shine the light of Christ in our community.  I invite you to browse the pages of this website and to come and visit our community in worship of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

With greetings and love in Christ our Lord

Fr. Philip, Pastor

Welcoming St. Raphael of Brooklyn

O Holy Father Raphael, Pray unto God for us!

Our small community is blessed with the presence of the holy relics of St. Raphael of Brooklyn.

St. Raphael was the bishop of Brooklyn, NY in the early part of the 20th century.  He was the first Orthodox bishop to be consecrated on American soil.  As a native of Syria who studied throughout the Orthodox world in both Russia and Greece, St. Raphael came to the United States to help found numerous Orthodox Churches throughout the country.  One of his many stops was Beaumont, Texas.  With our parishes long connection to Beaumont we are pleased to have our spiritual father in Christ with our community.

Along with this special connection, St. Raphael also is a great example of the vision of our community.  While Middle Eastern in background, St. Raphael was highly influenced by the many Orthodox traditions across the Orthodox world.  He used this training to best reach all of the "lost sheep" in America.  This diversity of his upbringing reflects the diversity of our community and the vision of our future here in Lafayette.

O Holy Father Raphael, pray unto God for us!

Check out this helpful website:  www.gettoknowtheoriginal.net
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